Studio Policy

Please read this carefully. All students and their families are expected to follow lesson policy with regard to lessons, recitals, workshops, practicing etc.
All lesson fees are payable in advance. Each semester’s fees are due and payable before lessons begin. Only full payment will reserve lesson day and time.

Term 1 September through January (18 lessons)
Term 2 February through June (18 lessons)
Summer Term July and August (5 weeks)

A yearly non-refundable registration fee of $30.00 applies to all registrations. (max $50 per family)
$20.00 administration fee for NSF cheques.

Refunds: Students who officially withdraw from Arbutus Music Academy will be entitled to a proportionate refund of tuition fee. Tuition for Private Instruction will be refunded based on the following schedule:

# of weeks in attendance
% of total tuition refunded

All withdrawals must be made in writing in order to receive refund.
No refunds will be made after the fourth week of the semester.

Summer lessons are refundable only before June 1st with an administration fee penalty. After June 1st, there will be no refunds for summer courses.

Private instruction at Arbutus Music Academy includes group performance classes, technique classes, orchestra, workshops, masterclasses and concerts. Please consult current studio calendar for details of schedule.
Teachers are not obligated to make up any lessons missed due to school or sports events, field trips, dental appointments, birthday parties, or family vacations.
The only lessons that will be made up are:

    • Lessons cancelled by the studio
    • Illness, where at least overnight notice is given. In these cases, lessons will be made up at the teacher’s discretion, when time permits.

A maximum of  two lessons per semester missed by the student will be made up. Please discuss the possibility of make up lessons with individual teachers. Any make up lesson dates will be scheduled by each individual teacher based on availability of classrooms.
Missed group lessons of any kind will not be made up or credited.

Fees for Studio Accompanist are as follows:

Rehearsal time (for any event)
$60 per hour
Academy Recitals, Workshop Performances
No Charge
Outside Music Festival Performances, Exams
Consult Accompanist

Private instruction lesson times should follow the following guidelines based on levels:

Beginner to Grade 2
30 Minutes per week
Grades 3-4
45 Minutes per week
Grades 5-9
60 Minutes per week
Grades 10-ARCT
75-90 Minutes per week

Please arrive 5 minutes early for lessons, and be ready when it is your time to start. No lesson will be extended to make up for a student who is not ready on time. Visits to the bathroom should be made before the lesson. Students are expected to come to lessons with clean hands and fingers, and trimmed fingernails.

All music materials and instruments must accompany the student to lessons. A student arriving without an instrument will be sent home and the lesson will be charged for.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to observe all private lessons. Group classes may be observed depending on room size (please consult the teacher). Friends and relatives other than the regular lesson chaperone will be asked to wait in waiting room to prevent distraction.

Students are encouraged to participate in Music Festivals and Examinations when their teacher feels they are ready. They may perform in any performance or recital planned by Arbutus Music Academy with agreement of their teacher. Monthly informal recitals are open to any students wishing to perform. Sign up sheets for these recitals can be found at the studio a few weeks before each concert date. Younger students are encouraged to attend recitals as audience members, to familiarize them with performing.  Students may be required to travel for performances and tours during the year.

Learning to play a musical instrument is a skill for which regular practice is required: this means as daily commitment to the instrument. As Dr. Suzuki said, “you should only practice on the days that you eat!” It is best to practice in short sessions, especially with younger students: remember that quality is far better than quantity. Lessons can only be enjoyed if continuous progress is made, and this requires time and concentration. The following can be used as a guideline for the amount of practice required:

15-20 minutes daily practice
30 minute lesson
Grade 1-2
30 minutes daily practice
30 minute lesson
Grade 3-4
45 minutes daily practice
45 minute lesson
Grade 5-8
60 minutes daily practice
60 minute lesson
Grade 9-ARCT
1 1/2 – 2 hours daily practice
60-90 minute lesson

Absolutely NO FOOD OR DRINK (except water) should be consumed in any of the classrooms. You may have food in the waiting area, but please clean up after yourself. All garbage must go in garbage containers.
Students of Arbutus Music Academy are asked to respect their fellow students, teachers and their environment. Act always with respect, care and courtesy to others.  Please behave  responsibly while attending classes and visiting Arbutus Shopping Centre. Any student found causing damage or mischief to any property of the school or shopping centre will be expelled. Parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour  while attending lessons.Please respect other students by keeping hallway and waiting room noise to a minimum.

Parents are expected to pick up students after lessons in a timely manner. Younger students must wait for their parents in the studio waiting area; teenagers may arrange a pickup point at the discretion of the parent. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Parents are asked to report anything/anyone suspicious immediately. Do not leave instruments or other valuables unattended.

Arbutus Music Academy aims to be a NUT & PEANUT free environment. Please avoid bringing any nut products into the studio, and wash hands thoroughly before entering if these have been consumed. Please avoid wearing strong perfume or cologne when attending lessons.
Out of respect for our students and teachers, cellular phones are to be turned OFF during all lessons. Cell phone calls may be taken outside the studio.

An updated calendar is available online. This calendar will outline all events including workshops, recitals, festivals, schedule changes, etc. Please be sure to transfer these dates and times to your family calendar. Parents may also sign up to receive important reminders via Twitter.