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Welcome to Arbutus Music Academy

Arbutus Music Academy offers Guitar, Voice, Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Theory lessons and Summer Programs for students of all ages and levels, Violin, Viola, and Cello Suzuki Programs for younger beginners, Early Childhood Music for children 1-4 year old and their caregivers, and Chamber Music Ensembles for intermediate and advanced instrumentalists.

Our students regularly perform solo and with ensembles in formal and informal recitals, receive good and excellent marks in examinations, and participate in local festivals, youth orchestras, and school programs.


Voice Lessons

Attending weekly singing lessons, students of all levels would improve their vocal technique and build confidence to sing at recitals, examinations or karaoke nights.

Hummingbirds Sing and Play

An engaging mixed-age music class for children age 1 to 4 and their caregivers where participants will sing, dance, learn through play, and bond with music and each other in a fun and happy environment.

Violin and Viola Lessons

Whether for beginners or advanced students, young or old, our teachers use their world-wide experience and training to craft the best way for students to explore the beauty of violin or viola playing.


If you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced cello student,private cello lessons with a creative and motivating teacher are the best way to develop skills.


Classical guitar can be one of the most rewarding and flexible instruments to learn and practice for a lifetime.


An essential and fundamental part of mastering any instrument or composing is knowing the theory behind the music!


Whether just starting or continuing to learn piano, our refined approach to keyboard technique, theory, history, and ear training will help you along.

Trial Lessons

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Our Reviews

Since 2009, our faculty have adhered to the highest standards of music education and have drawn on their diverse experience and training to create the most engaging learning experience for each student to help them achieve their musical goals. Below are just a small sampling of positive results we have celebrated.

"We have been with Jennifer at Arbutus Music Academy for more than eight years. Jennifer is a wonderful teacher who is patient and deeply committed to the growth of the student. She has built a solid foundation for our daughters' musical education, beyond the violin. We could not have asked for a better teacher!"


"Our daughter has been attending Arbutus Academy for almost six years now and we have to say how pleased we are with her progress. The teachers and staff at the academy are highly dedicated to their students which can be evidenced by the amount of their private time that they invest, particularly in the group activities. Our daughter has been encouraged to participate in both formal and informal recitals as well as Kiwanis festivals. They gently encourage and motivate the students to move up to new levels of playing, always maintaining a positive atmosphere."

Chris and Concha

"Our two sons have been students at the academy for 7 years, where they have learned violin, guitar, and theory. Thanks to the teachers at Arbutus, the boys not only have become technically skilled musicians, but they have also grown in their love for music; they have become comfortable, confident, and happy performing for other people, and also working and performing in groups. These are skills which I am sure they will be able to apply in other areas outside of music, such as at school, at work, and in their social lives--so Arbutus has offered an excellent mix of disciplined learning, fun, and personal growth."

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